in Lentor vicinity

captivating  .  game changer  .  vibes & happenings  .  innovative

lentor hills Residences

Lentor Hills Residences 176,137 sqm of exciting & vibrant residential development

a game changing experience  .  innovative in multiple fronts  .  vibes and happenings  .  always rejuvenating always refreshing

A new dimension which redefine living at its finest quality. Truely a development which invest around creating space creating home for the future lifestyle of people.

Infuses new vibrant experience of living and working in combining new concept of suburban living in the midst of nature greenery

Lentor Hills Residences, the Prestige & the Pride of lentor

the best in contemporary concept on place shaping and space making 
creating Lentor Hills Residences location the greatness of streets layout, exciting neighbourhoods and great community spaces.

Captivating the diverse use with its scale and expression

creates places of activity and vitality along with creative spaces for relaxation, recreation and quietude 

Lentor Hills Residences, always worthy to live and play right in the vibrant precinct of Lentor.

The thrilling water features

nature refreshing greenery

Transforming Vides

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